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    ₹ 890.00

    A unique SLS free Shampoo intended to perpetually address dandruff, oily scalp, weak hair-root, hairloss and thinning hair issues with a high-class fortification, while it cleanses the hair and scalp of deep seated impurities. It contains the potent wonder-herb Saw Palmetto in combination with various other unique herbs, botanicals, vitamins and minerals. It helps to rejuvenate the sebacious gland, arrest seborrheac conditions and create clear, hygienic conditions for healthy hair growth by cleansing the scalp and stabilising the metabolism in the hair follicle. It is gentle pH balanced and free from all harsh chemicals. 


  • Segals Advanced Psoriasis Conditioner

    ₹ 930.00

    A unique, high-class Shampoo and Conditioner specifically formulated for scalp with Psoriasis that contains Saw Palmetto  and  Wheat Protein. It soothes the scalp, addresses scalp-psoriasis, dry scalp, itchy conditions, thinning hair issues and makes the hair soft, silky with a lustrous look and provides an immunising coat to hair thereby helping protect the treated hair and scalp for an extended duration by locking the nutrition within. It thoroughly conditions the hair and prevents irritation in the scalp with a combination of unique herbs, botanicals, vitamins and minerals and special moisturising ingredients that help relieve sebum, flaking and itchy scalp.