Product Quality Certifications


The 'Segals Solutions Program' is a Certified Quality product that combines the best of nature, herbal science and latest in hair technology. It is distinct from other ‘Herbal’ and ‘Ayurvedic’ products in respect of its unique, professional, focused and no-compromise approach to get any user the BEST POSSIBLE state of hair and scalp health. The actives of the botanical extracts procured from around the world are made into application formulations in strictly controlled and rigorous conditions so as to get the optimum benefit for the user, under the personal quality control supervision of Pharmacist and Hair-Expert, D R Segal. The product range and manufacturing process comply with the following international testing and procedural standards:

  1. International GMP Standard Certification by the Health Products and Food Branch (HPFB) of Health Canada.
  2. Certification for safety and effectiveness for human application by M/s Intertek Labs, Germany.
  3. Approval by the Canadian Drug and Health Standards


Apart from the above, even though the Segals Solutions products are non-prescription, OTC products, each import is approved for clearance by the Office of the Drug Controller of India.


The Indian importer is also a member of the following:


    American Herbal Products Association logo  American Herbal Products Association
    All Natural Cosmetic Manufacturing All Natural Cosmetics Manufacturing Group
    AYUSH Preventive HealthCare- A global Health & Wellness Network logo AYUSH Preventive Healthcare – A Global Health & Wellness Network
    Clinical Trials for Natural Products Clinical Trials for Natural Products Group
    Luxury & Lifestyle Professionals Luxury and Lifestyle Professionals Group
    NATURAL ingredients Natural Ingredients Group
    Natural Product Industry Professional Group Natural Product Industry Professional Group
    Linking Alternative Medicine Linking Alternative Medicine Group
    Medicinal plants & Herbal products Medicinal Plants and Herbal Products Group
    "Into Thin Hair" - A Professional Organization

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