10 Tips For Healthy Hair Growth

We all enjoy an occasional head massage, don’t we? Whether you’re suffering from a headache or are just tired - there’s nothing a head massage can’t fix! But did you know that one of the many benefits of a head massage is hair growth? Read on to know more…
While a head massage concentrates on your head as a whole—including forehead, nape etc., a scalp massage is what promotes hair growth. Massaging your scalp with a purpose of hair growth requires applying pressure on the scalp using fingers. This is essentially done to increase the blood circulation to the hair follicles, rejuvenate the roots and condition the scalp. Hair follicles are made up of hyperactive stem cells—when given a boost of oxygen, hair growth is promoted. Massaging dilates small arteries within your scalp that increase the blood flow to the follicles. They also improve the texture of hair, making it thicker and stronger over time.
Remember that using scalp massages to promote hair growth is a slow process, but extremely effective. We recommend switching to traditional scalp massages in addition to using hair growth promoting products to reap the maximum benefits.
Here’s how you can do an effective head massage at home
Everyday Massage With Oils
Massaging your scalp every day for a good 5 minutes without using any oils also proves to be beneficial when it comes to hair growth. Use your fingers and apply pressure in circular motions—make sure you cover your entire scalp when you do this.
Choose oils that stimulate hair growth and also the ones that suit your hair type. You can also mix two oils of your choice or add a few drops of essential oils (such as rosemary) to the carrier oils to create hair growth promoting concoctions!
Massage while shampooing
Massage your hair for a few minute after wetting it just before you apply shampoo. Ensure you’re covering the whole of your scalp when you do this.
Lots of lather while shampooing might ensure cleansing but it also leads to damage to the natural moisture of your hair and scalp. Sulfate, a key ingredient in most shampoos, can cause excessive dryness and cause more harm than good. Sulfate free shampoos reduce the irritation due to an itchy scalp and help in retaining natural oils in the hair and scalp.

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