8 Ways to Get a Healthy Scalp and Longer Hair

Nod or Negate, the growth and shine of our hair have a direct impetus on our inner strength and confidence. The more radiance they exude, the shinier our personality gets – a landmark to brilliant grooming. It is our ardent desire to sway beautiful, golden locks, which may trigger a sensation of envy and fascination on the onlookers. However, to play on the nerves of the individuals, the market is abundant with numerous products, and each of them braggarts its superiority. But, the mind-wracking question is – can buying a product on whims, or by just relying on the unscrupulous advertisements, ensure a forever hair luster? Obviously, not.

Home grooming is the safest grooming. Therefore, we have come up with 8 excellent hair care tips.

1- Choose the efficacious and assimilating hair shampoo and conditioner, bearing in mind the nature of your hair. Reach a perfect combination of shampoo and conditioner to ensure healty scalp and prolific hair growth.

2- Hair shampooing must be done alternatively, using hair oil. However, if it is carried out undeterred, the hair will get dry, and this may erode the scalp.

3- Dry scalp is a situation that brings endless woes. If reeling from the same, olive or almond oil must be applied continually.Oily hair is yet another sticky situation, where application of oil can have deleterious effects on hair. If the level of sebum secretion is high, avoid using hair oil. If you are eager to know more about hairfall controls, read our blog, Treatment for Hair Loss.

4- Indiscriminate use of heat styling tools, such as hair straightner and hair dryer can debase the shimmer and moisture of your hair. Too much heat can impair the quality of hair shaft, and disfigure them irreversibly.

5- Keeping in mind the hair growth, timely and neccessary hair-cuts are required, and avoidance of  introducing frequent changes in hairstyling habits is further recommended.

6- In the event of your losing the hair, the best possible way is to massage your scalp every morning prior to applying shampoo. This is necessary to improve the blood circulation in the scalp region.

7- Rubbing your hair, while drying, can cause untowardness. It is always recommended to handle your tresses delicately while drying, otherwise, a rough treatment, if meted out, will result in deterioration of follicle. This would end up in making your hair weak and breakable.

8- Do combing/brushing with care, otherwise, if any unwanted force is applied, it will result in hair loss.

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