A Dedicated Hair-Supplement meant for stimulating hair-cell metabolism and strengthening the connective tissue providing a focussed nutrition for the hair-root to not only grow back lost hair but also to restore hair to its natural colour and strength. It contains the herb Fo-Ti, which helps restore hair to its natural colour.

    The Supplement is vegan, is a softgel, has no animal content, has no chemicals or drugs and has no reported side-effects. It is not animal-tested, has no chemicals/drugs and can be taken for as long as one wishes, as a preventive or a curative regimen without any fear working on the mind, even after the hair/scalp issue has been resolved completely.

    For best results, use along with the Segals Hair Root Formula for Thinning Hair or the Segals Advanced Scalp Formula for Thinning Hair and a Shampoo/Conditioner from the Segals Solutions range, according to your hair/scalp type.



    A unique concoction of rare and exotic organic ingredients for cleansing the scalp and revitalizing the hair-root for healthy hair growth. It is a proprietary formula that contains the potent wonder-herb Saw Palmetto in combination with various other unique herbs, botanicals, vitamins and minerals. It makes the scalp free of all itchy conditions, sebum, grime, flakes and dirt thereby strengthening the hair-root and thus encouraging healthy hair to grow. The hair-root is rejuvenated thus accelerating the process of healthy new hair growth. Get convinced of it’s exceptional quality by the wide span of ingredients it contains. 



    A newly researched, breakthrough Peptide Formulation, which has 3 times the potency of the Segals Hair Root Formula/ Segals Advanced Scalp Formula. It is highly concentrated blend of 33 ingredients that target the hair follicle in a focussed way with it’s atomiser application to nourish hair at the roots, helping to thicken hair strands, helping even areas of thinning hair and create the ideal conditions for thicker, denser-looking hair. It would work as an effective, safe, gentle substitute of mesotherapy and a brilliant booster for the regularly used Segals Hair Root Formula/ Segals Advanced Scalp Formula.



    A unique SLS free Shampoo intended to perpetually address dandruff, oily scalp, weak hair-root, hairloss and thinning hair issues with a high-class fortification, while it cleanses the hair and scalp of deep seated impurities. It contains the potent wonder-herb Saw Palmetto in combination with various other unique herbs, botanicals, vitamins and minerals. It helps to rejuvenate the sebacious gland, arrest seborrheac conditions and create clear, hygienic conditions for healthy hair growth by cleansing the scalp and stabilising the metabolism in the hair follicle. It is gentle pH balanced and free from all harsh chemicals. 




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