The Segals Hair Root products and the Segals Advanced Hair formulations differ marginally. Fortification and concentration of the ingredients is the difference. The Segals Advanced Hair formulations contain an extra ingredient – Rooibos Extract. The Segals Hair Root products are suggested for initial hair loss, weak hair-root and preventive cases. The Advanced Thinning Hair formulations are suggested for prolonged hair loss and thinning hair cases. Even in prolonged hair loss cases, it is advisable to start with the Segals Hair Root products, build up a momentum and then shift to the Segals Advanced Hair formulations in the next phase. After desired results / ‘Best Possible’ stage of healthy hair has been attained, usage of the products should not be stopped abruptly but gradually tapered off.
Yes, Segals Solutions Shampoos are not only free from SLS but also free from other harmful chemicals like Propylene Glycol, Cocamide DEA and Sodium Chloride. And that’s not enough reason to use them as a family regimen; they have another edge over everything else – not only free from harsh chemicals, Segals Solutions Shampoos are highly fortified and nourishing for the hair-root with unique herbs, special hair-vitamins and anti-oxidants, all in each single formulation. Depending on the hair / scalp type, a shampoo can be chosen from the Segals Solutions range. All the Segals Solutions Shampoos are gentle on hair, being pH balanced and provide wholesome hair-root nutrition apart from the general purpose of hair and scalp hygiene.
Understandably, time period for visible results to appear with usage of Segals Solutions varies from person to person. It all depends upon the background of the hair/scalp health, responsiveness of the body’s immune system, lifestyle, nutrition & environmental factors. Some users have reported dramatic results of arresting hair loss as early as the 2nd week of usage of Segals Solutions. Some users were not so lucky and results appeared as late as after 4. 1/2 months. The mean period for arresting hair loss for Indian consumers has been seen to be 8-10 weeks. The sooner one starts, the faster the results.
Segals Solutions products, if used consistently can delay the onset of baldness by a considerable time even if the cause of hair loss is heredity.
It is an extremely difficult proposition changing water to maintain your hair and scalp healthy. While formulating Segals Solutions products, this aspect has been taken care of. Segals Solutions products contain specific ingredients that help minimize the bad effect of chlorinated/hard water. These are Provitamin B5, EDTA, Aloe Vera extract and Jojoba Oil. All these are protective agents to prevent hair-damage from the harsh effects of not only hard / chlorinated water but also perspiration (salts), sun, blow drying, tinting and perming (leading to loss of moisture). Using Segals Solutions is in itself an excellent precaution when using hard / chlorinated water.
The “Segals Solutions Program” would help clear clogged roots and promote hair-regrowth. However, one has to be pragmatic and realistic in expectations. Hair follicles remain intact for long (upto 3 years) even after the hair-strand has fallen off. All such roots will be re-activated by the ”Segals Solutions Program”. The resultant hair-regrowth from these roots will be thick, strong and healthy right from the roots. Regeneration of hair in areas where the hair loss had taken more than 3 years hence is a tough proposition though not an impossible one. Users have reported regrowth to different scales in different time-period of usage of Segals Solutions. Again, it’s all a question of a person’s metabolism; each body responds differently. Another benefit that users report with usage of Segals Solutions is an increased health and thickness of the hair. So, with Segals Solutions, it’s not only hair regrowth but improved hair health that leads to a better scalp coverage. With Segals Solutions, the ‘BEST POSSIBLE’ side-effect free results are guaranteed. And please remember, hair growth is not about using good products alone; it’s also a cause that requires continuous commitment and dedication with good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.
The Segals Advanced Hair Supplement has a normal dosage of one capsule per day after meals in case of hair loss prevention cases or initial hair loss cases. However, two capsules per day, one each after any of the meals, are suggested for 2-3 weeks while starting the “Segals Solutions Program” just to build up a momentum in the treatment process; for hair loss prevention and general maintenance of hair health cases, one capsule per day suffices. Two capsules per day are also suggested for the initial 2 months for those who have prolonged and chronic hair loss (say 4 years or more). In case, there is a delay in anticipated results beyond 12 weeks of usage of the “Segals Solutions Program”, dosage may be enhanced to two capsules per day for just one month and then revert to one capsule per day.
No, unlike Minoxidil, the “Segals Solutions Program” doesn’t need to be used for life. After one’s condition stabilizes or attains the ‘Best Possible’ stage, specific to his/her case, the intake of Segals Advanced Hair Supplement and the usage of the Segals Formula just needs to be tapered off gradually. One needs to continue with only the Segals Shampoo and Conditioner according to one’s hair / scalp type and / or Segals Styling products, which in any case, one has to use for life for reasons of hair-hygiene. These would suffice to maintain the hair in the achieved good state of health with a continuous regular fortification of the hair-root while they cleanse.
No, Segals Solutions products are OTC products; you don’t need a prescription for these. The products are a balanced nutrition for the hair roots and since everything depends on the health of the hair root, these work in men and women for all ages, irrespective of the cause of hair loss. There is a unique ingredient in Segals Solutions for each addressable cause of hair loss and concurrently these works 360 degrees on the hair root, eliminating the needs for a diagnosis. The products can be used as a preventive regimen or for a curative purpose. Fortified hair-root nutrition and rejuvenation of the scalp is the purpose.
Segals Solutions products are not prescription, OTC products and don’t fall under the purview of FDA. However, they are certified quality products, tested for safety and efficacy. Click here to read more on this
In general, there are no known side-effects of Segals Solutions products as they are gentle, pH balanced, made from natural extracts. There are no reported cross or adverse interference of Segals Solutions products with anything else. The punchline of Segals Solutions products is: Fast, Safe and Effective. It can be used by anybody and everybody, by men and women of all ages without any fear working on their mind. The ‘Segals Solutions Program’ has emerged as a side-effect free alternative to the expensive allopathic drugs and chemical formulations that have severe side-effects.
Yes, Segals Solutions products cater to kids’ requirements as well. The “Segals Shampoo Plus Conditioner” is a general maintenance application and can be used by anybody including kids. It is free from SLS, the most harmful ingredient for hair and scalp health. In case kids experience hair loss, the “Segals Hair Root Shampoo” and the “Segals Hair Root Conditioner” are suggested. Only and purely as a matter of abundant precaution, the intake of the “Segals Advanced Hair Supplement” is not recommended for kids below 16 years; it is felt that such a necessity never arises if kids maintain a good nutrition and activity level. However, the importance of gentle, chemical-free, nutrifying products like Segals Solutions should never be under-estimated. Quality should never be compromised in hair health cases and is more imperative for kids, given their tender scalp. Good products should never be given a go bye if lasting hair health is desired and kids should be taught a healthy hair regimen right from childhood. Segals Solutions Litre packs of the Shampoo and Conditioner form a part of the hair-health regimen of every quality conscious family.
Out of the thousands of users of Segals Solutions products across India, there are only four reported cases where users reported lack of desired results. All these cases pertain to improper and / or intermittent usage of the products. All these users were impulsive and expected over night, magical results though they had chronic and prolonged hair/scalp problems for years. Skepticism in using any product never works favourably and Segals Solutions is no exception; it is not a magic wand. Trust and patience are key factors as the pace of improvement of hair-health is always incremental. There may be some unreported dissatisfied cases as well but on the whole, the success rate of Segals Solutions, evident from repeat orders is resounding. Many users continue to use Segals Solutions products for as long as 3 years and that cannot be without a reason of seeing some great results. Many quality-conscious consumers use Segals Solutions products as a complete family regimen, even though they never had any hair /scalp problems.
Segals Solutions products have no cross or adverse interference with any other hair/scalp applications including Minoxidil. However, usage of drugs and chemicals while using Segals Solutions is strongly discouraged. Also, please be advised that Minoxidil is a life-long application, has a reversal effect on discontinuation apart from the potential side-effects. The reversal effect of Minoxidil may impede the positive effect of Segals Solutions.
All hair-colours are harmful for the hair, hair-root and scalp with harsh chemicals like amines, ammonia, peroxides, etc in them. So, restrict their usage to the minimum though the difficulty in completely avoiding these is understandable. The only option presently available in the Indian market is Henna (Mehndi) which also causes dryness in the hair and scalp and of course, gives a bland, unpleasant, unaesthetic orangish look to hair after a few days. Segals Solutions has a special shampoo for Permed cum Colour Treated Hair that not only minimizes the damage caused to hair due to harsh chemical applications but also helps the hair-colour to stay for a longer duration. With regular usage of the Segals Permed/Colour Treated Hair Shampoo & the Segals Permed/Colour Treated Hair Conditioner, the time-span between repeat applications of hair-colours would increase, thus reducing the harsh-effect. Similarly, the herb Fo-Ti in the Segals Advanced Hair Supplement is also unique. Fo-Ti literally means ‘natural, black hair’. It is now understood that this herb can not only prevent but also reverse premature graying of hair. So, a longer intake of the Segals Advanced Hair Supplement would help you on this count, apart from various other benefits for the human metabolism. There is no cross-interference or adverse interference of Segals Solutions with any hair-colours; the advice to minimise the usage of colours is only generalised, like all other drugs / harsh chemicals.
The Segals Hair Protector Leave-In Conditioner, as the name suggests is a leave-in conditioner. It’s a spray that can be applied liberally at any time, without the necessity to rinse and just left over and the hair simply combed. This needs to be applied only when you feel that the effect of the normal conditioner has waned off. The Segals Hair-Protector Leave-In Conditioner, not only conditions the hair but also provides an immunising protection as also nourishment to the hair strand with some liposomes, hair-vitamins and anti-oxidants as its ingredients. The Segals Hair-Protector Leave-In Conditioner can be used as a top-up conditioner, while on the move (for example, going for a formal get together directly from office or insufficient time to have a shower to apply the regular conditioner) but need an instant result.
Of course, if you are one who is quality, health and fashion conscious, good hair is imperative and Segals Solutions would be the ideal product range for total hair and scalp wellness. Using quality, natural, dedicated and professional products is an insurance of hair health for the future and by using Segals Solutions products, you are doing exactly the same. In this era of otherwise unhealthy lifestyles, lack of organic nutrition, stress, environmental pollution, there is more reason for anybody to use Segals Solutions products.
The Segals Ultimate Control Styling Gel is a gel application applied to dress the hair in a particular fashion. The Segals Firm Hold Hair Spray is a liquid spray application used to retain the already dressed hair in that particular mode. The Segals Firm Hold Hair Spray is preferred in salon applications. Both of these are free from harmful chemicals and fortify as they style.
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Segals Solutions products are delivered in an environmental friendly carton packing made from recycled paper. The packing is absolutely discreet with no labels, advertisements or leaflets either inside or outside the packing.
Segals Solutions products available in India are the same as available worldwide. The products are imported in a pre-packaged form in India.

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