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  • FRESH & BRIGHT – High Quality Unisex Adult Disposable Under Pads: 60cmX10cm(10 Pcs)


    Ideal For Incontinence Problems, For Kids- To Protect He Mattress From Bed Wetting, For Bed-Ridden Patients.Waterproof Moisture Barrier Helps In Keeping Beds And Other Surfaces Dry. Contains Sap Super Absorbent Padding Which Offers Consistent Absorbency For Better Comfort. Inside Liner Is Soft And Vented Which Is Non-Irritant To The Skin. Top Sheet Is Made Of Non – Woven Fiber Which Is Gentle On Delicate Skin. Absorbant Layer : Pulp, Super Absorbant Polymer Tissue Backsheet: PE Film

    • High absorbency; Greater comfort; Excellent moisture control
    • The soft non-woven top layer prevents re-wetting and protects skin from moisture
    • Unisex – Equally comfortable for men and women alike
    • Made of Super Absorbent Polymer, draws moisture away from surface rapidly
    • Bedridden Hygiene, Post Surgery, Post Maternity, Infant – Sanitary Care