The Segals Solutions Promise

With an appropriate ‘Segals Solutions Program’, you will notice a drastic reduction in hair loss within 8 to 10 weeks with simultaneous total relief from dandruff and sebum. New hair growth will emerge thicker, stronger and healthier thereafter. Time period for new hair growth varies widely, ranging from 4 months to 1 year. Most people find that their hair loss has been drastically reduced within 5 to 8 weeks and the new hair growth appears within 4 to 6 months.


The ‘Segals Solutions Program’ will normally result in the following exciting improvements to the hair:First Week:The hair instantly feels silkier and more manageable. The scalp tingles as blood flow increases.


Third Week:Dead hair in the Telogen phase will be shed to create conditions for new hair growth by vacating the hair follicle.

After 1 month:Hair continues to improve in texture, a reduction in hair loss may be seen in a few cases.

After 2 months:Hair loss shows a sharp decline. This may take a bit longer in prolonged and chronic hair loss cases where hair loss has been for more than 2 years or where Minoxidil had been used earlier.

After 3 months:Reduction in hair loss becomes more apparent. Results start stabilizing.

After 4 months:Conditions created for new hair growth.

Month 6 and beyond:New hair growth and/or thickening of fine (vellus) hair may be seen. This period may extend upto a year and in rare cases, even beyond.

The results vary with each individual. The best results seem to be with people who have been experiencing hair loss for less than 3 years. People who have had hair loss for a longer time still notice positive results. So, the sooner you start using ‘Segals Solutions Program’ the better and faster the results.