Sustainable Beauty

Mrs. Neelam Kakkar, Proprietorix, M/s Stuff n Style believes that the ultimate aim to be part of the beauty industry is to enable the planet as well as the community flourish by making conscious choices. She emphasizes on the role we all have to play to ensure that the planet remains as pristine as it could be and states, “The idea is not to behave as if we have inherited Mother Earth from our ancestors but it is to behave as if we have borrowed it from the next generation. We owe a responsibility, as consumers as well as producers, to keep it good”. And so, professing with the thought of our founder, Neelam Kakkar Mam, Sustainable Beauty is not about doing no harm to the environment but by proactively doing good.
Academically speaking, Sustainable Beauty is a branch of cosmetology that comprises eco-friendly beauty products. One important aspect of this concept is that it envisages products that rely on the healing effect of nature to show its effect on the human body, especially hair and skin. Sustainable Beauty is not just about usage of recyclable packaging or using clean ingredients. At a critical level, it systemically addresses the evil of overproduction, reducing effluents, reinforcing a harmony in biodiversity and supporting the community around, #SanatanDharma in the real sense.
  • Sustainable Haircare products are natural and organic. It means they are free from sulphates or any harmful chemicals that may potentially damage the environment.
  • Since sustainable haircare and skincare products are manufactured keeping the environment and its impact in mind, the eco-friendly haircare products have recyclable packaging as well.
  • Sustainable beauty also contains environmentally friendly haircare products, so there is less pollution involved during the manufacturing as well.
  • Sustainable haircare products follow a minimal waste principle. A product is considered ‘A zero waste', when it is nontoxic, vegan, cruelty-free, sulphate-free, made from ethically sourced and eco-certified ingredients and compostable in nature.

The Problem of Greenwashing

The biggest problem in the beauty industry is that giant corporates are more concerned about increasing shareholder wealth and claiming that their products as greener and more sustainable, when they're not. Focused on producing cheaply-packaged, single-use goods, and launching new product after new product, it's nowhere near "environmentally-friendly". Greenwashing is when companies use false marketing to sell products that are not truly eco-friendly. Sustainability often takes a holistic approach, meaning brands need to instore policies around many different areas of their business.

The three most important criteria, according to us are
    i) ingredients and formulations,
    ii) packaging, which includes primary, secondary and shipping packaging, and
    iii) company initiatives.

We are conscious of the above three criteria. We use choicest natural ingredients, sourced with thought and care, with an extraction process that leaves a minimum possible carbon footprint. We know that plastic is not a sustainable option and so we pack our products only in bottles made from recycled plastic. We contribute and subscribe to various other environmental friendly measures and campaigns
Why to Buy Natural and Sustainable Beauty Products:
There are three main reasons why sustainable skincare products are considered to be more important and effective in comparison to other types of products. These reasons include

   1. Environmental Responsibility
   2. Increased Effectiveness, More Gentle and Less Likely Negative Reaction
   3. Long Term Health, Protection from Toxicity and Damage


HerbalGlow Segals Solutions is a brand that is authentically committed to the environment, whether that’s through sustainable ingredient sourcing, innovative packaging solutions, or natural and organic products. As a brand, this keeps us on the top of our game and we expect our customers to hold us accountable!'

After reading up about the countless benefits that HerbalGlow Segals Solutions products have to offer, there's no surprise that we're miles ahead when it comes to sustainable haircare and skincare. Crafted with a pledge to give you something that is pure, intended with a pure promise, if you ever want to switch to sustainable beauty, HerbalGlow Segals Solutions is a clear choice. Explore our blog section to read more about topics such as natural beauty products to get beautiful, radiant, and healthy hair & skin.
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